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A Foundational Initiative of Learning for SPED Advancement

SPEDUCATION is an implementation of one of the components of Dr. Cromwell Artiaga's proposal to supplement and address the special educational needs of teachers and staff in their service to students with special needs. Initially, the proposed foundation's name is named after primarily in the program it wants to address, the Life Skills needs of high schools students. However, further insights into the matter came up with the idea of SPEDUCATION, a foundational initiative of learning for SPED advancement, that will encompass the broad spectrum of special education programs and services.

SPEDUCATION is to be formalized into a foundation. Based on the proposal, the whole program will take three years from conception to evaluation.

SPEDUCATION as a website will implement the proposed modules for Life Skills for teachers' training and education. Further, it will eventually offer modules for other SPED services, namely PAL program, Self-Contained Program and ED Program.

SPEDUCATION provides a convenient way to train teachers for new insights, knowledge and practices of SPED trends. The online nature of the modules means that they can do it at the comfort of their homes. The visual resources will concretize and simplify learning in their most simplest ways as to be able to adapt them to actual practices. There will be assigned instructors for specific modules, chosen for their experiences and expertise.

Modular learning in this website is further rewarded with Badges and Certificates. Not just these documents are a proof of the learning experience, but can be used eventually to support your educational professional experience.

Speducation checks your modular learning through time-based quizzes. Depending on the nature of the module, the instructor can give sectional tests and/or summative tests towards the end of the modules. One thing, any module can be taken. However, if a prerequisite module is specified to take another, then the process is observed. Time-based is preferred not to pressure the learners but to simulate real testing experience in actual classroom.




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